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Would you choose to buy a lab-grown diamond? Advances in technology have produced new diamonds that are chemically identical to a mined diamond, and our customers are so enthusiastic about this concept that Gold Reflections is now one of the few independent retailers of lab-created diamonds in Durham Region.

The advances in the creation of diamonds created in a laboratory setting are stunning: What used to take millions of years can now be sped up to produce a diamond of incredible quality and clarity in a short amount of time, with less damage to the natural environment than a mined diamond.

Are they less expensive?

Also known as ‘lab-grown’ or ‘cultured’ diamonds, these diamonds are approximately 30 to 40% less expensive than the original version made by Mother Nature. Created in high temperature and environment-controlled conditions that reproduce the Earth’s own diamond-making process, they are the same chemical composition as natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds essentially have the same chemical composition, crystal structure, optical and physical properties of diamonds found in nature. In that sense, they’re just as impeccable.

But are these lab-created diamonds better than the original?

Even a skilled jeweller may have difficulty telling the diamonds apart. A thorough appraisal will be needed to confirm its origin. Canadian diamonds have an etching and tracking identification on their girdle. Lab-grown diamonds that are larger in size, also come with a number for authenticity, much as Canadian diamonds do.

Eco-friendly and conflict-free, some of the largest factories in the world are now growing up to 300,000 carats of diamonds annually. It wasn’t long ago that the concept of growing a literal diamond in a lab setting would have been unimaginable, and now, they can take only up six weeks, and have the same mineral properties of a mined diamond.

Couples are turning to this eco-friendly alternative not only to save money but to save the environment. Would you be interested in this option if it would save money, and the planet?

What our customers shared with us about the idea of purchasing a Lab-Created Diamond:

Heather D…’ For sure! Doesn’t matter to me if it’s cheaper etc., it’s more so the promise behind it from the person giving it that counts! -Better for the planet too. Id say why not? and would be very happy with any token (whether it be diamond even or not)’

Jan F. ‘I own both and do like the man made…I totally agree with the environmental issue and the fact that no slavery or death is involved in man made…have no problem wearing them and enjoying them.’

Samantha T. ‘I have a lab created diamond in my engagement ring and I couldn’t love it more. I have many reasons why I chose that (humane, environment, price) but I would never poo-poo someone who has different opinions on it.’

Miriam J. ‘I would 100% buy a lab created diamond! 30% bigger and can’t tell the difference? I’m in!’

CBC Marketplace has a review of lab-grown diamonds, detailing how this process works, a good watch and very informative.

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