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Lab-Grown Diamonds? Better than the Original?

Lab-Grown Diamonds? Better than the Original?

The advances in the creation of diamonds created in a laboratory setting are stunning: What used to take millions of years can now be sped up to produce a diamond of incredible quality and clarity in a short amount of time, with Zero damage to the natural environment. But are these lab-created diamonds better than the original?
Can you tell the difference?
Are they less expensive?

Also known as ‘man-made’ or ‘cultured’ diamonds, these diamonds are approximately 30 to 40% less expensive than the original version made by Mother Nature. Created in high temperature and environment controlled conditions that reproduce the Earth’s own diamond-making process, they are the same chemical composition as natural diamonds.

‘Lab-grown diamonds essentially have the same chemical composition, crystal structure, optical and physical properties of diamonds found in nature. In that sense, they’re just as impeccable.’

Even a skilled jeweller may have difficulty telling the diamonds apart, so a thorough appraisal will be needed to confirm their origin, much as Canadian Diamonds have an etching and tracking identification on their surfaces. Eco-friendly and conflict-free, some of the largest factories in the world are now growing up to 300,000 carats of diamonds annually.

It wasn’t long ago that the concept of growing a literal diamond in a lab setting would have been unimaginable, and now, they can take only up to a month and have the same mineral properties of a mined diamond.

Couples are turning to this eco-friendly alternative not only to save money but to save the environment. Would you be interested in this option if it would save money, and the planet?

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